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Since its establishment in 1984, "The International Catering Company" had been obtaining high praise as "The Top Class Catering Services in the World". After becoming independent as "Japan Catering Ltd" in June 2008, we continued to offer a high-quality in-flight Japanese meal selection for flights from London for airlines such as Japan Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

To correspond with the business environment in Britain and aim at the expansion of the business, Japan Catering changed its name to Sky Gourmet on 1st April, 2011.

Due to the rapid expansion of the local business, the management decided to establish J Gourmet on 1st August 2013.

Using the technology of in-flight meal catering and our experience, including the best use of well controlled hygiene equipment, we have started catering for large-scale business parties and various family parties, and for conference meals and daily lunchboxes designed especially for business people and companies.

We prepare meals with carefully selected fresh ingredients daily and they are cooked by experienced chefs. We deliver this catering service with confidence that it reaches the high standard of service underlined by our motto, "The customer's satisfaction comes first".

We are determined to further enhance our in-flight meals to bring more satisfaction to passengers for their flight and the whole journey, and also to offer people genuine Japanese food that can be enjoyed through our various party catering and business lunch activities in Britain.


1984年に創立以来 "世界最高のケータリング" と高い評価を得て、質の高い機内食を提供し続けたインターナショナル ケータリング社から、2008年6月にジャパンケータリング社として独立いたしました。

ロンドン発の機内食の和食部門 を引き続き提供すると共に、2011年4月1日より英国でのビジネス環境に対応する為、会社名を Sky Gourmet に改めました。以来、機内食以外の外食産業などの事業の発展、拡大に伴い、2013年8月1日にJグルメを設立し、更に事業の展開を目指しております。


"お客様のご満足を第一に" をモットーに、毎日厳選した新鮮な食材と腕をふるった料理、きめ細やかで行き届いたケータリングサービスを自信をもってお届けしております。


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